How To Boost Hotel Mobile Signal?

Whether your a large hotel or a small one, flawless mobile signal for guests is a must in this day and age. Mobile phone signal isn’t the first thing that comes to your mind if your a hotel owner or even a guest but you should be thinking about it at least. Providing excellent service is always a top priority for every hotel owner, as the modern guest expects a certain level of service.

Our systems are custom designed and will vary by building but we have worked with large multi-story new building projects and achieved fantastic results. In some cases, we have worked with buildings that have been foil insulated and have blocked the signal entering the building and we have even installed systems in castles with 5 feet thick walls blocking the signal. We can work with you to design an internal network and we only need to have an input signal available outside and a method to run cables internally.

Mobile Phone Booster UK

Installing our signal solution can help maximize your signal and give your guests the best experience possible. The reputation of your hotel may suffer if business travellers are complaining about the terrible signal is their room.

Why Buy Our Solutions?

One of the most infuriating aspects of most hotels is the usually horrendous Wifi signal they have. Our solutions work with any provider so we will always have the right mobile network booster for all of your guests. The products that we provide are a highly efficient way of supplying your guests with the standard of signal that people have come accustomed to. With our products, every guest in your hotel will feel right at home and will be able to map out their day as if they never left the house. The benefits of our solution aren’t just for the guests. Most hotel workers now depend on the internet for some aspects for their job and without great mobile internet, their work may be delayed.

Don’t Lose Business Because Of Your Signal

If you own a hotel that has problems with weak mobile phone signal, then fret no more, we have you covered. We guarantee improved mobile signal within your premises so you can be assured that our solution will solve any issues your customers may be having. Take your hotel to the next level with our fantastic solution.

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